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International Motivational Speaker Based in Tampa Area

Tampa Bay Motivational Speaker - International Motivational Speaker Based in Tampa Area


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Drive, Learn, and SUPPORT

Have you ever driven by a little store and decided to finally drop in and asked “how long have you been here?” and they reply “years”?  And isn’t it embarrassing that you thought they had only been there a few months or just opened?

With my daughter owning her little Toy Store, I realized that I have NOT been the best supporter of other local businesses.  It’s too easy for us to go to a one stop “Big Box” store to do our shopping and it squelches our learning, our exposure, and our FUN.

So this year I’ve decided that at least 1 day a week I’m stopping at those little “emerging” businesses and supporting them.  I’m going in and often times when I ask “are you the owner” I hear “YES!”  I then tease about their “cot” being in the back room.   It’s always my pleasure to say – I’m a business owner too – congratulations on your successes.  Then ask them about their expertise and history.

This week I drove by a Middle Eastern (Yasmin Market) grocery to experience REAL pita bread (20” in diameter)  – and what a delight to get more than my money’s worth.  The smell, the sites….I could have spent hours in there and I WILL definitely be back.  The owner was HAPPY that I came in to chat and more importantly I was HAPPY to go to Facebook and comment on my great experiences.

Next I stopped at a “hole in the wall” I had driven past for months.  Inside held the best sweet potato pie I have ever eaten in my life.  I felt like family when I walked into a small cinderblock building and was greeted by the smoky smells of BBQ.  I walked out with a chicken sandwich and the freshest and scrumptious collard greens I have ever tasted.  Grabbed her flyer and tomorrow will boast about THAT store.

Will it increase business?  I don’t know for sure but hope so.  I know I supported them and will use word of mouth every chance I get.  And besides filling up my belly – it filled my heart, and expanded my mind to new places I hadn’t been to before.

I like the new American Express commercial about small store shopping on Saturday.  It hit home to me that I needed to be out there more.  I hope I gave you that same encouragement!


I know, I know, it’s MY Mother’s Day and I’m suppose to be getting the flowers, the attention.  As a single parent I often wondered if I had “damaged” my children with more than 2 divorces and more than 5 moves in 7 years.  I am constantly surprised at how they honor me with their strength and well balanced lives.  And it’s especially sweet to watch them as parents, loving and playing with their own children.

It was after spending time rocking the newest grandchild that I was filled with awe at how my daughters were now mothers of their own, and with words that I believe were truly inspired, I was able to create this poem in it’s entirety on the way home.  I then found the perfect frame and it became my Gift of the Heart to my daughters on Mother’s Day.

Mother's Day Poem

Mother’s Day Poem

And she dreamed her reality into small eyes that return her smile and awed at the gift she was given by God. Then she gave away her heart only to find it returned even larger than before and more beautiful.  With each breath, breathed in the sweet smell of angel hair and lambskin arms as if she could consume the new being with every sense.  One second of any day does not pass without the knowledge that magic abounds in the creation of this new life.  The heart does not tie itself closed but weaves a net that holds the next little one in a hammock of joy and unconditional love.  It is not mythical but divinely real and her name is Mama.